Talent Management Truths

The Culture Office with Jessica Bacher

February 21, 2024 Lisa Mitchell / Jessica Bacher Episode 117
Talent Management Truths
The Culture Office with Jessica Bacher
Show Notes

“Culture is not owned by HR, it’s owned by every single leader.”
-Jessica Bacher

What is your organizational culture like? Who drives it?  Who sees themselves as driving it?  In some companies, people look to HR to take the lead - or the blame - on company culture.  In this episode, my guest and I explore how HR can support culture with an innovative structure and respect for people’s time.

My guest is Jessica Bacher who is the Chief People Officer at Prolink. Jessica is a proven Human Resources leader with global, multi-discipline experience in operational and executive talent acquisition, talent management, C-Suite succession building/placement, organizational design leadership, and process excellence. She has 20 years of cumulative and progressive leadership in leading complex organizations through talent branding, pipeline building, internal movement best practices, and hiring strategies using data to drive decisions and build workforce strategy. 

Jessica is an influencer in building strategy and programs that drive inclusive hiring practices and build succession plans with a priority lens for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I). She holds an MBA from the University of Phoenix and earned a master’s degree in Human Resources from the University of Cincinnati; Jessica is also a certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt. She and her husband are Cincinnati natives and currently live on the west side of the city with their four children.

In this episode of Talent Management Truths, you’ll discover:

  • The difference between a virtual first model and a remote only one
  • How empowerment and autonomy drive culture ownership
  • How HR can integrate themselves into the work their clients are already doing


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