Talent Management Truths

HRBP and COE Collaboration with Vanessa Hinkle

September 20, 2023 Lisa Mitchell Episode 96
Talent Management Truths
HRBP and COE Collaboration with Vanessa Hinkle
Show Notes

“How can we take [what the COE has created for us] and stay true to the spirit and core of it and offer it in a way that is credible for our leaders and team members?”’

- Vanessa Hinkle

Have you ever felt irritated with your own HR colleagues - the ones that are experts in a related but different domain from your own?  For instance, HR Business Partners and Centres of Excellence groups can often experience tension when working with each other.   In today’s episode, my guest and I discuss ways to manage that tension, along with several other interesting topics.

My guest is Vanessa Hinkle. Vanessa is currently VP of People and Culture at evolvedMD.   She weaves mission and vision into every people-centered initiative, making each company she leads an employer of choice. With over 20 years of experience as a Human Resources executive, Vanessa has spearheaded cultural transformations at large Fortune 50 organizations, late-stage startups, and everything in between. She has led people-centric initiatives for major brands like American Express and Banner Health as well as innovative startups like Zovio. Outside the office, Vanessa enjoys off-roading adventures with her family, mentoring at-risk youth with Phoenix-based nonprofit New Pathways for Youth, and hosting “cooking days” with her family and friends.

In this episode of Talent Management Truths, you’ll discover:

🍏  Insight into how to overcome the tension that often exists between HR Business Partners and Centres of Excellence 

🍏  The performance benefits and improved outputs of having work experience in a COE, as an HRBP AND in the business

🍏  A post-Covid talent acquisition model that leverages being physically in the marketplace


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