Talent Management Truths

An Inside View of Leadership Development with Lisa as the Guest

October 04, 2023 Lisa Mitchell Episode 98
Talent Management Truths
An Inside View of Leadership Development with Lisa as the Guest
Show Notes

“All leaders need to be constantly looking at their own growth.”

- Lisa Mitchell

In today’s episode, we’re flipping things around!    I’m sharing an episode where I was the guest and not the host.

In May 2023, I was invited to appear on the Who Are You to Lead Anyway? Podcast hosted by the wonderful Cynthia Jamieson.    And what a great experience!  Cynthia is a skilled host who asks great questions and listens deeply.

Cynthia works with emerging and new leaders and wanted to share with them what happens in organizations behind the scenes when it comes to assessing and developing talent.  I share some of my experience in this area. 

Below is what Cynthia wrote to summarize this episode. Enjoy!

Join us to learn and hear about: 

🍏 Lisa’s fascinating journey, challenges and bumps along the way and how she navigated them as her career progressed

🍏 What she wished she’d known before becoming a leader

🍏 Talent Management advice (and questions) to enable new leaders to proactively explore performance and potential

🍏 The TED Dynamic (the drama triangle) and how choice is at the heart of change for every leader

Lisa shares so many gem's in this episode, I offer it as an insider's view of Leadership Development and how to get involved with and manage the talent on your team.


  • Listen to other episodes of Cynthia’s show, a podcast for new, emerging and/or high-potential leaders to master the skills they need to navigate leadership and life. She shares stories, s tips, tools and questions to help you step up, stand out and get started on the right foot with leadership and life. Join Cynthia e on a journey of self-discovery to find and use your voice to answer this question "Who Are You To Lead Anyway?" 

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