Talent Management Truths

Supporting Employees in Seniors Living with Jeannie Ambler

October 11, 2023 Lisa Mitchell Episode 99
Talent Management Truths
Supporting Employees in Seniors Living with Jeannie Ambler
Show Notes

“We know who our employees are and what drives them.”

- Jeannie Ambler 

How do you support employees who happen to work inside people’s homes instead of in a corporate office?  Today’s guest comes from the seniors living industry, which is the industry I supported in my last corporate role. Tune in for some unique insights into this purpose-driven world and ideas on how to support employees who don’t work behind a desk all day.  

My guest is Jeannie Ambler, Vice President of Human Resources at BHI Senior Living. 

As a high energy, innovative, and results-oriented Human Resources professional, Jeannie is recognized as a trusted advisor to executive leadership and colleagues. With over 30 years of corporate experience ranging from HR to operations, Jeannie brings strong business and leadership perspectives to any conversation.

She believes the success of an individual is directly linked to the way that their personal values align with those of the organization, their opportunities to learn & grow, and the support that is provided during their career.

 In this episode of Talent Management Truths, you’ll discover:

🍏 Insight into how one HR teams operates in the unique Seniors Living industry 

🍏 An example of how purpose really does drive engagement and satisfaction

🍏 Tips for how to reframe a situation where you aren’t as far along as you thought you’d be when it comes to you strategic plan


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